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GEN-3 Generator Interlock Kit

this kit fits brands:

any panel with a two handle main breaker in line with the column breakers

type of circuit breaker panel:

2 handle horizontal throw main breaker with the generator breaker located 2 spaces lower or higher in the opposite column

panel spaces used:


how it works:

interlock tab sits below the main breaker with the opposite tab in front of the generator breaker. When the main breaker toggle is move to the off position, the interlock can slide up allowing the generator breaker to be turned on and blocks the main from being turned on.

GEN-3 Generator Interlock Kit - (price includes 2-3 day USPS Shipping)
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National Electrical Code requires a system in place that prevents an emergency generator from feeding back into the utility line. This interlock will only allow the generator breaker to be switched on if the main breaker is off. Or the main breaker to be turned on if the generator breaker is off.

You will also need:
  • A generator with a 240 volt outlet
  • A double breaker for the generator
  • An inlet box and wiring connected to that double breaker
Using this interlock will allow you to power your existing house wiring with your generator (within its wattage limits), including 220v circuits such as a well pump.

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